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Ellie Stevens is a board-certified psychiatrist who joins the channel to discuss her experience of healing from trauma in her new book Unshackled. Ellie bridges the gap between the reality of mental health and the reality of healing that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

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On The Common Good, Ellie shares the story of writing her book UNSHACKLED and discusses things that we can share with our loved ones who are facing adversity and trauma.

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On this famous, nationally-syndicated radio show, Ellie discusses how God led her through extraordinary trauma and in the process strengthened and refined her faith, helped her even more relate with her patients, and inspired her book UNSHACKLED.

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On the Trauma Recovery Podcast for Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their families, Ellie discusses UNSHACKLED, her faith and recovery from trauma, and the importance in paying attention to emotional, mental, and spiritual health when dealing with and recovering from trauma.

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In a sermon titled "Scrambling to Save Lives" Ellie shares her story of trauma and how her faith led her though immense struggles.  She also discusses how our communities can support and minister to veterans and first responders through her nonprofit Advancing Warriors International.

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